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Gemalto was an international digital security company providing software applications, secure personal devices such as smart cards and tokens, and managed services. Formed in June 2006 by the merger of two companies, Axalto and Gemplus International. Gemalto N.V.'s revenue in 2015 was €3.122 billion.Purchased by Thales Group in April 2019 and now operating as Thales DIS AIS Deutschland GmbH, Gemalto was until its acquisition the world's largest manufacturer of SIM cards.

A former employee mentioned, "I would not recommend anyone looking for a job to work at Gemalto, it's lead and managed by idiots. HR is always losing new employees because of lies and none living wages. They tell new hires they working on fixing a prison style break room haha.2


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The Cogent office has gone through many hands (3M, Gemalto, Thales..). This entails leadership changes and new visions all the time. The new foreign bosses talk about how great it's going to be, all the profits they could make, yada yada. In a year or two, Cogent is being sold to another company, rinse and repeat. This office has some of the craziest office bureaucracy among senior managers that I've seen. The problem with a small office are the things they can get away with. They power trip in e-mails and say things in private to employees, that are fireable offenses. Who can you inform, when HR answers to them. Several teams collectively brought up the abuse with our HR and even went up the chain, and nothing ever gets done. There's not much invested in employees, job satisfaction, or job growth. Those who are in middle management have been there for decades, and stroke the executive's egos full time to keep their jobs. The projects here are interesting at first, but you will be grinding out the same type of work day in and out. R&D needs a huge overhaul for the company's future. The pay here is average. There is not much incentive to stay here, but depending on the team you will be worked to the bone. One last thing I must mention, all the projects has been slowly absorbed by the corporate offices. So what will remain of Cogent are a few employees to maintain relationships in the America."

Former Employee - Team Lead says

"Work 7 days a week and low pay and bad management"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"toxic management, incompetent leaders,"ol' boys network". I worked here for far too long. There is only one good remaining division that every manager and employee is fighting to get in to, and a few gems. The rest are falling apart with cronyism and bad decision making. All the good engineers have left or are making moves to leave. Hiring, even on the engineering side, is usually done last minute to fill a slot before some expiration date, leaving teams filled with sandbags. Software architecture stack is archaic. We once had national geographic ask to record us. If you are desperate and need to buy time till a better deal comes about, sign up, but make sure to continue building on the side to avoid atrophy. OH and last thing. The requirements for the jobs you apply for are bogus. They don't pay for the experience you have and honestly will leave you bored when you find you could do the job with skills you had a few years ago!"

Current Employee - Pre-Sales Engineer says

"Management is clueless at all levels. Constant layers of bureaucracy"

Former Employee - Machine Operator says

"Pretty much everything else you can think of. The work/life balance is the absolute worst."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"the isareli branch - old company in Israel (1989) (not globally) all they care about is corporate politics and "milking the cow" using old technology and hoping for the best.... worst job experience I had, everyone scared to lose their seat so everyone are old snakes"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"1. Bias treatment within team towards non-french employees. 2. False impression given of offering flexible working hours. 3. The office building looks like a jail. 4. No opportunity to talk to other teams."

Former Employee - Personalization Manager says

"Constantly revolving door for employees; sometimes it's their own decision, most time it's upper management decision. Very toxic environment. Understaffed. Overtime is almost always necessary on the weekends because production employees are not held accountable. Management is quick to blame employees, rather than asking question. Employees are underpaid. IT support is awful. Budgets have been slashed so much that it's difficult to upgrade necessary equipment and technology. Downward communication from upper management is just about nil. HR/Management decisions are leaked through the rumor mills that are rampant in Atlanta. High management turnover rate. Management shows extreme favoritism. It's strange that, ever since Thales took over Gemalto, there hasn't been a strong Thales management presence in Atlanta."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Toxic relationships with its clients Skilled workers are seriously underpaid Too many single points of failures that would disrupt its core business Work environment onsite is a disaster Undefined job scopes and responsibilities can be frustrating Uncertainties caused by declining growth, loss of business, and non-transparency from management"

Former Employee - Management says

"tyrannical bosses, office terrorists, weak HR, 0 trust and no accountability."

Quality Inspector (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend anyone looking for a job to work here, it's lead and managed by idiots. HR is always losing new employees because of lies and none living wages. They tell new hires they working on fixing a prison style break room haha.Nothing.HR are nutcases."

Data Processor (Current Employee) says

"I currently work here and this job is the worst of the worst! There are 3 shifts and each pertains to race! On first and 2nd shift you have people from the middle east, and on 3rd only black people. There is no diversity in this company and each race likes to gang up, basically if your not part of their group they won't talk to you but talk behind your back!"

Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"I was not treated well and was given a poor excuse when I was let go. During my maternity leave, I was bothered numerous time and got let go when I returned"

Manipuladora (Former Employee) says

"Empresa poco seria con los trabajadores de ETT, te dicen un tiempo y siempre estas menos.NingunoPoca seriedad"

Customer Service IT Support/Backend (Current Employee) says

"didnt give me opportunity to work longer. They outourced my job. and i had to apply for new job which i didnt want to. also they told me they will make me permnent there but they didnt."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Personal favoritism towards employees and handles interactions unprofessionally at ALL levels. Hard work and dedication is not rewarded, better to be in good terms with management for career advancement. Overall very poor employee morale. These operations were bought from Citibank, which started morale decrease. Site shutdown announced for 2017, poor execution on taking care of employees and setting up for future success. Not proud to be associated with this company and found not recommend.Job security, poor work morale"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"don't expect to go anywhere. don't expect anything from them except to have more dumped on you then they'll pay you for. Company is downsizing and requiring other people to pick up the slackflexible hourseverything else"

Inventory control clerk (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place. Management has a poor performance and no promises are kept. Salary is poor. They will never hire you as a permanent full time job. Bad attitude to the new workers with no proper training.NoneBad management, bad attitude and bad pay"

Team Member (Current Employee) says

"Gemalto prefers followers instead of thinkers. You can't question their double standard management, why they allow defamation, unprofessional behavior, procedural breaches and power abuse without retaliation."

Vault Associate (Current Employee) says

"Over worked and no room for advancements within the company . 7days of non stop work weeks which leaves no time for family. If your working on the production floor .However if you don’t have kids this may be the job for you .The money is okky."

Sales (Current Employee) says

"This is a French owned and ran company...contra to USA standards. Senior Management could care less about US workers, middle management has no backbone, employees are severely underpaid regardless of location or business unit. A frustrating place to do NOT do it. Do your research...stocks plummeted in 2017 for a reason...lack of vision, lack of inclusion, lack of attention to employees.If you are a foriegn National...a good fitManagement at all levels"

Vault Associate (Former Employee) says

"I found Gemalto to be the worst work experience that I have ever had . They made a lot of promises in the beginning that they did not keep . They showed favoritism among workers . They only cared about making money .Only a 40 hour work week40 hour work week"

Vault Associate (Former Employee) says

"Gemalto is a company that is based outside the U.S. Gemalto bought the operations part of CITIBANK . They made promises that they didn't keep .Work moral was very negative .Management was replaced . Most people stayed on to receive a severance package after being told that our location was closing and moving to Atlanta Georgia .My worst experience ever .noneBad company to work for ."

Técnico de qualidade (Current Employee) says

"Gosto de trabalhar na Gemalto porém a empresa não espaço para crescimento profissional.beneficios sã excelentesgerencia de má qualidade"

New product introduction & Security manager (Former Employee) says

"this company is like a big french gang, where french people has the priority in everything and they get promoted first even if they are not qualified.nothing good"

Service Delivery Manager (Former Employee) says

"Short Term Contract, Was hired as the Service Delivery Manager for a client with Gamalto. The contract was not signed and all new hires were Terminated. total 120 peopleNone"

Applicant Processing Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"Job is easy, but no supportive management. Morale is low because information provided to employees is unreliable, causing a high turnover rate. Hours are decent. That's the only thing."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company regularly re-organized every 2 to 3 years. If French expatriates who worked in the local become redundant due to re-organization, your job might be taken over by him or her. After all it is a French company. Unless career stability does not matter to you, I do not think it is worth for you to come onboard.Chances for oversea business tripTreated second class for non-French employees"

Vault Associate (Former Employee) says

"Working at Gemalto is stress that shouldn't be there. The heads don't care about you, you are replaceable, they don't care about your life outside of work, and drama follows this company.People you work with are coolCommunication, salary, Pto, and management"

Engineering Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company has moved from focusing on its employees to focusing on their bottom line. Middle Management would rather make salaried workers work overtime (not paid) than hire additional employees, and those that are hired are unqualified. We saw this multiple times on different teams. Also does not believe in training its employees.No training. Underpaid. Work weekends. No corporate events."

J wheildon says

"Disgusting, duplicate payments taken from my daughters account and gohenry speak to you like your stupid and claim they are aware of this and have made an adjustment but it’s not visible to you as they’ve dated it back to when you opened the account, so 2017! It’s now 2020 that is not how you make an adjustment. You have stolen £42 from a child."

Will’s Mother says

"On 7th September 2020 several hundreds of pounds worth left my son’s account as duplicate transactions. This is not just an error on paper - the funds have been taken from the account! I have tried to contact customer services three times and have had no response. Absolutely unacceptable and quite frankly CRIMINAL. My next call will be to my lawyer."

Nick Armstrong says

"They take unauthorised money, cant cancel with them and customer service dont repsond"

Charlene Gallagher says

"I keep getting random charges coming out of my account, I have no idea what they are for. This has left me short for other bills at least once"

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